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Croatia Premium Wines: A Taste of the Mediterranean

  • December 28, 2022

Croatia Premium Wines have been gaining attention in the wine world recently and with good reason. The country’s Mediterranean climate and varied terroir allow for producing flavorful and complex wines. From the crisp whites of Istria to the bold reds of Dalmatia, Croatian Premium Wines, based in the US, has a wide selection of Croatian wines with something to offer for all wine drinkers.

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The Croatia Wine Region

Winemaking has a long and storied history in Croatia. Some of the earliest evidence of its production dates back to the Illyrian people who inhabited the region before the Roman era. Since then, the art of winemaking has been kept alive and passed down through generations in Croatia’s small family-run vineyards.

The local winemaking industry focuses on smaller-scale production, using traditional techniques and specialized knowledge to create unique premium wines. These wines are highly sought after, as they capture the essence of Croatia’s diverse terroir and showcase its centuries-old heritage.

In addition to producing some of the world’s best wines, Croatia is famous for its vibrant and welcoming culture, making it a destination for your luxury yacht charter.

Grasevina | Croatia Premium Wines

Grasevina is a white wine highly regarded in Croatia and known as the ‘King of White Wines.’ It is produced from grapes known as Grasevina (or Riesling Italico) and is usually dry, fruity, and light-bodied.

It has aromas of green apples, pears, citrus fruits, and herbal notes such as honey and chamomile. The taste is crisp and fresh, with a hint of minerality and a light acidic finish. Grasevina pairs well with fish, salads, poultry, and mild cheeses. It also is a lovely aperitif.


Malvazija is a light-bodied white wine that originates in Croatia, and it has a fresh, crisp flavor and a pleasant aroma. The primary grape variety used to make Malvazija is the Malvasia Istriana, an indigenous variety to Croatia. This grape can produce high acidity levels, creating a clean and balanced flavor.

The aromas of Malvazija can range from floral notes such as jasmine and honeysuckle to herbal notes such as chamomile and sage. Malvazija is light-bodied and acidic on the palate, with green apple, pear, citrus, and mineral flavors. Malvazija pairs well with shellfish, light pasta dishes, salads, and soft cheeses.

Plavac Mali | Croatia Premium Wines

Among Croatia’s most esteemed wines is Plavac Mali. It is a full-bodied red wine made from the Plavac Mali grape variety, indigenous to the Dalmatian coast and islands of Croatia. Plavac Mali is closely related to Zinfandel and has been described as having a spicy cherry and blackberry aroma with subtle hints of oak.

It has a deep ruby color, bold tannins, and a long finish. The flavor is complex, with fruity notes and hints of chocolate, coffee, and tobacco.

Plavac Mali pairs perfectly with grilled meats and robust stews, making it an ideal accompaniment to Croatian cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a bold, flavorful red or a refreshingly crisp white, Plavac Mali is one of the must-try Croatia premium wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular and sought-after varieties of Croatian wine. Originating in France, this grape has found a place to thrive in Croatia’s warm Mediterranean climate. The country’s longer growing season and mineral-rich soil produce Cabernet Sauvignon with a distinct flavor and unique characteristics.

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are larger than other varieties and tend to ripen early, giving the wines made from them a more intense flavor. Croatian Cabernet Sauvignon has a cherry, dark fruit, blackberry, cedar, and spice notes. The wines also have strong tannins, which give the wine structure and complexity.

Regarding pairing, Cabernet Sauvignon is an incredibly versatile wine that pairs well with various dishes. The bold flavor and tannic structure make it an excellent match for steak, game meats, and other hearty meals. It also pairs well with aged cheeses and decadent desserts.


For a good reason, Chardonnay is one of Croatia’s most popular white wines. This fruity and dry varietal is produced in many parts of the country and is known for its light and crisp flavor. With notes of citrus, pear, and honey, Chardonnay is a versatile wine that pairs nicely with many types of dishes.

Croatia Premium Wines
Croatia Premium Wines

When making Chardonnay, winemakers may use one of several techniques, such as barrel fermentation or oak aging. Barrel fermentation allows the wine to take on more complexity by adding flavors from the wood, while oak aging helps to smooth out the flavors. Aging can also help to bring out aromas and nuances.

Croatian Chardonnays are famous for their bright acidity and crispness, with a medium body. The delicate flavors of pear and citrus stand out on the palate, making this wine an excellent choice for any occasion.

Merlot | Croatia Premium Wines

In Croatia, Merlot grapes grow in the Istrian peninsula and the Croatian mainland, with each region offering its unique expression of this beloved variety.

Merlot wines from Istria have a distinctive bouquet of ripe berry fruit and gentle spices. In contrast, those from other locations are more full-bodied and intense. With notes of licorice, leather, and dried herbs. Merlot pairs particularly well with grilled meats and mushroom dishes, making it an ideal accompaniment to any meal.

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