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  • July 29, 2023

Dubrovnik, Croatia, is on the southern coast of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. This “Pearl of the Adriatic” boasts beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, stunning architecture, and an impressive fortress. One of the best ways to experience it all is on a Dubrovnik yacht charter vacation.

Explore the coastline, discover hidden bays and coves, indulge in delectable cuisine, and experience the city’s vibrant culture and rich history.

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Dubrovnik is famous for its distinctive Old Town, encircled by massive stone walls completed in the 16th century. It has well-preserved buildings such as Baroque St. Blaise Church, renaissance Sponza Palace, and Gothic Rector’s Palace. Shops and restaurants line the pedestrian-friendly Stradun.

History of Dubrovnik

The old town was completed in the 13th century and remains virtually unchanged to the present day. Tall ramparts surround the town. Only two entrances to the old town lead to Stradun, the city’s promenade.

The Republic of Dubrovnik experienced a boom in the 16th century. Then, the people of Dubrovnik established trade links with the Turks to retain their freedom throughout the Ottoman Empire.

The word that has defined Dubrovnik the most throughout the century is “Freedom.”

The Best Time to Visit Dubrovnik on a Yacht Charter

Lovely Dubrovnik is worth visiting at any time of the year. The best time to visit really depends on your preferences. If you want a summer getaway, the best time to visit Dubrovnik is between June and September. Soak up the sun aboard your yacht or on one of Dubrovnik’s beaches.

Summers see temperatures between 70°F and 86°F, making it a great time for a luxury yacht charter. The weather is warm and sunny, and the seas are calm, providing excellent yachting conditions. The only downside is the possibility of encountering dense crowds.

If you prefer a quieter time to visit, you might want to consider traveling to Dubrovnik in the off-season. From October to May, the crowds have dispersed, and the city is quieter but still enchanting. The temperature is cooler, ranging from 50°F to 68°F.

Places to See in Dubrovnik

  • City walls with fortresses. The city walls are one of Europe’s most preserved fortifications systems and are 1940 meters long, with five forts, sixteen towers, and bastions. The walls surround the city as an irregular polygon, with tower Minceta on the highest inland corner.
  • Lovrijenac is west of the old town; a 37 meters high fort symbolizes survival and freedom. It is known as the summer stage of the Dubrovnik Summer Games.
  • Stradun. The widest and most beautiful limestone-paved pedestrian street divides the old city center into the north and south, the main city artery, and the old city’s core.
  • The island of Lokrum is a nature park with a lake called the Dead Sea, suitable for swimmers and nonswimmers. The French built the Fort Royal fortress on the island, with a beautiful view of Dubrovnik, Cavtat, and the islands.
  • Trsteno is a small town about 20 kilometers east of Dubrovnik with two giant arboretums over 400 years old. The most significant attraction is Trsteno Arboretum, the only arboretum on the coast that unites cultural and natural heritage.
  • Srd Hill rises above Dubrovnik on its northern side and is 413 meters high with the monumental Imperial Fortress, built during the Napoleon occupation. During the homeland war, this fortress played an important role in defending the city.
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Dubrovnik Beach

Things to Do in Dubrovnik

If you’re visiting Dubrovnik on a luxury yacht, there are several things you can do to make the most of your trip. Here are some suggestions:

  • Explore the city: Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its old town is a must-see. Walk along the city walls for panoramic views of the city and the Adriatic Sea, and visit landmarks such as the Rector’s Palace, the Dubrovnik Cathedral, and the Sponza Palace.
  • Enjoy the beaches: Dubrovnik has several beaches, such as Banje Beach and Copacabana Beach, where you can relax and soak up the sun. Some beaches also offer water sports, such as jet skiing and paddleboarding.
  • Go island hopping: Several islands near Dubrovnik are worth visiting, such as the Elafiti Islands, Mljet, and Korcula. These islands offer beautiful beaches, clear waters, and charming towns to explore.
  • Dine at top restaurants: Dubrovnik has a thriving food scene, and several top restaurants offer exquisite seafood and local cuisine. Some of the best restaurants include Nautika, Proto, and 360°.
  • Visit wineries: Croatia is famous for its wine, and Dubrovnik has several wineries that offer wine-tasting tours. You can visit wineries such as Dubrovacki Podrumi, Skaramuca Winery, and Crvik Winery to sample some of the local wines.

Top 5 Places to See for Game of Thrones Fans

Dubrovnik is a popular filming location for Game of Thrones, and there are several must-see locations for fans of the show. Here are the top 5:

  1. The Walls of Dubrovnik: The city walls of Dubrovnik were used as the setting for the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing. You can walk along the walls for stunning city and sea views.
  2. Lovrijenac Fortress: Also known as the Red Keep, Lovrijenac Fortress was the residence of the kings of the Seven Kingdoms. You can visit the fortress to see the throne room and other filming locations.
  3. Pile Gate: The Pile Gate was used as the entrance to King’s Landing in the show. It is a beautiful, historic gate you can walk through to enter the old town.
  4. Minceta Tower: The Minčeta Tower was used as the House of the Undying in the show. You can climb to the top of the tower for panoramic views of the city.
  5. Trsteno Arboretum: Located just outside of Dubrovnik, the Trsteno Arboretum was used as the gardens of King’s Landing in the show. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, with a stunning collection of plants and trees.

Dubrovnik Yacht Charter | Marinas

Several marinas near Dubrovnik are popular with yacht charter guests. Here are some of the main marinas:

  • ACI Marina Dubrovnik: Located in Komolac, just a few kilometers from Dubrovnik’s old town, ACI Marina Dubrovnik is a large marina that can accommodate up to 380 boats. It has all the necessary facilities, including water and electricity, showers, a restaurant, and a supermarket.
  • Marina Frapa Dubrovnik: Located in Cavtat, south of Dubrovnik, Marina Frapa Dubrovnik is a smaller marina that can accommodate up to 50 boats. It has basic facilities, including water and electricity, a restaurant, and a laundry service.
  • Dubrovnik Marina: Located in Komolac, near ACI Marina Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Marina can accommodate up to 200 boats. It has all the necessary facilities, including water and electricity, a restaurant, and a swimming pool.
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