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  • July 29, 2023

Korcula is an island on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, quickly making its way onto bucket lists worldwide. With its historic Old Town, stunning turquoise waters, and vibrant Mediterranean culture, Korcula is a must-see destination for anyone exploring Europe.

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The Best Time to Visit Korcula

If you’re planning a Korcula yacht charter, it’s important to know when the best time to visit. Korcula enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The peak season for tourism is from June to September when the weather is warmest and the island is at its liveliest. During this time, you can expect plenty of crowds, especially in July and August, so planning and booking your yacht charter early is important to secure your spot.

If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting in the shoulder season, from May to June or September to October. The weather is still warm and sunny, and you’ll have the advantage of fewer crowds and lower prices. The sea is warm enough to swim in, and the beaches and restaurants remain open.

The Picturesque Island of Korcula

Regarding stunning island destinations, Korcula in Croatia is a true gem. This charming and historic island is a must-visit on any Croatia yacht charter itinerary. From its beautiful beaches to its medieval walled town, Korcula offers plenty for those seeking a unique and authentic vacation experience.

Korcula Town

The island’s main town is Korcula Town, known for its impressive medieval walls and narrow cobbled streets. The town is home to St. Mark’s Cathedral, a stunning Gothic-Renaissance church that dates back to the 15th century.

Take a stroll around the historic town center, where you’ll find plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants serving delicious local cuisine. Explore the Old Town walls and gates, which offer stunning views of the surrounding sea and countryside. If you love history, visit the Bishop’s Treasury, which contains some of the island’s most valuable artifacts and relics.


Korcula Island is home to some stunning beaches on the mainland and the surrounding smaller islands. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • Vela Przina Beach – Located in Lumbarda, Vela Przina Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach with crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Pupnatska Luka – Pupnatska Luka is a small but scenic beach with a picturesque cove and turquoise waters.
  • Bili Zal Beach – Situated on the island of Proizd, Bili Zal Beach is a secluded and pristine beach with white pebbles and clear waters.
  • Lombarda Beach – Lombarda Beach is a popular sandy beach that’s great for families, with shallow waters and plenty of space for beach games and sunbathing.
  • Bacva Bay – Bacva Bay is located on the island of Lastovo and offers visitors a more secluded and wild experience. It has sandy and rocky beaches and plenty of hiking trails.
  • Zitna Beach – Zitna Beach is a small but charming beach with clear turquoise waters and pebbly shores, perfect for a quiet day of swimming and relaxing.


Once your yacht arrives in Korcula, you’ll want to explore the beautiful town and its surroundings. Here are a few of the top activities to consider:

  • Visit St. Mark’s Cathedral: One of the town’s most iconic landmarks, St. Mark’s is a Gothic-Renaissance cathedral with stunning carved stone details.
  • Walk the Old Town Walls: Stroll along the ancient fortifications that encircle Korcula’s old town. You’ll enjoy amazing views of the town and the sea beyond.
  • Learn About Local Culture: Visit the Icon Museum or the Korcula Town Museum to learn about the history and culture of the island.
  • Explore the Surrounding Islands: Korcula is just one of many islands. Consider visiting Mljet National Park or the nearby island of Hvar.
  • Go Wine Tasting: Korcula is famous for its excellent wine, particularly the white grape variety called Grk. Visit a local winery to taste some of the island’s best.
  • Attend a Traditional Moreska Dance: Moreska is a centuries-old sword dance on Korcula.

Foodies Delight

Korcula has an abundance of seafood and Mediterranean flavors that will delight any foodie. The local cuisine has heavy Italian and Greek influences, combining Croatian ingredients and techniques. Here are some must-try dishes and food experiences on Korcula:

  • Fresh seafood – There are plenty of fish markets on the island where you can pick out your day’s fresh catch. Local specialties include grilled octopus, tuna carpaccio, and black risotto (made with squid ink).
  • Peka – This traditional Dalmatian dish is slow-cooked under a metal dome covered in hot coals. The meat (usually lamb or veal) is combined with potatoes and vegetables, resulting in a tender, juicy, and flavorful meal.
  • Olive oil – Korcula produces high-quality olive oil from indigenous olive varieties. You can go on an olive oil tasting tour and learn about the production process or enjoy the delicious oil in your salads or as a dipping sauce.
  • Wine – The island also produces its wine, with the most famous white variety. Some top wineries to visit include Bire and Lovric, where you can taste their award-winning wines and enjoy the stunning vineyard views.

Restaurants Not to Miss on Korcula

When dining on Korcula, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This island is a food lover’s paradise, with many restaurants serving delicious local cuisine and fresh seafood. Here are a few places that you absolutely can’t miss:

  • Konoba Nonno: On a quiet street, this charming restaurant is in the heart of Korcula’s old town. It’s a family-run establishment, and they take great pride in serving traditional Dalmatian cuisine. You must try their seafood risotto and black risotto with squid ink.
  • Filippi: For something a little fancier, head to Filippi, a fine-dining restaurant located in a historic building on the waterfront. They serve creative Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients. Be sure to try their tuna carpaccio and the octopus with lentils.
  • Adio Mare: Adio Mare is a great choice if you’re looking for a more casual atmosphere. This beachfront restaurant serves pizzas, pasta, and seafood dishes; all prepared using the freshest ingredients. Be sure to try their shrimp spaghetti and the pizza with prosciutto and arugula.
  • Lesic Dimitri Palace: If you’re in the mood for a truly special dining experience, book a table at the Lesic Dimitri Palace. This Michelin-starred restaurant is located within a boutique hotel, and the menu is full of innovative and beautifully presented dishes. You’ll have an unforgettable culinary experience, including the scallops with cauliflower puree and the roasted lamb with truffles.

Off-the-Beaten-Path in Korcula

Korcula is an island that boasts a rich history and a vibrant culture, but there are a few hidden gems that not everyone knows about. For instance, did you know that Marco Polo was born in Korcula? That’s right; the famous explorer was born n this island. In fact, you can visit the Marco Polo Museum, which is dedicated to his life and travels.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the main town, head to the village of Pupnat, where you can experience authentic island life. The village is located in the island’s center, known for its traditional stone houses and peaceful surroundings. Take a leisurely walk through the village and stop at one of the cafes for a cup of coffee.

Another unique activity on the island is the Lumbarda wine-tasting tour. Lumbarda is a small town on the island’s eastern coast, and it’s known for its sandy beaches and vineyards. You can tour the winery and sample some of the island’s famous white wines here. The Grk grape is native to Korcula and is used to make some of the best wines in the region.

If you’re feeling adventurous, head to the Vela Spila cave on the town’s outskirts. This prehistoric cave was inhabited by humans over 20,000 years ago, and today, you can explore the cave and learn about its history. The cave is open from May to October and is definitely worth a visit.

More attractions and places to see while on Korcula:

  • Church of St. Saints with a collection of the oldest fraternity in Korcula
  • St. Antun Hill – a 30-minute walk from the center of Korcula with a fantastic view of the surroundings.
  • Vela Luka on the northwest side of the island, the largest city on the island with the valuable Neolithic site Vela Cave
  • Smokvica and Brno are on the island’s south side with their vast fields of vineyards.
  • Blato: the place in the islands where the fencing game Kumpanija is played.
  • The islet of Badija: 20 minutes by boat from the Korcula port and home to an old Franciscan monastery and many restaurants, bars, and pebbly and rocky beaches.
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