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  • December 28, 2022

Croatia has long been a sought-after destination for boating enthusiasts with its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and over 1,000 islands. ACI Marina Milna is one of the premier marinas in this stunning Mediterranean country. Located on Brac, ACI Marina Milna is a popular boating destination. It is known for its picturesque location, top-notch facilities, and excellent services.

ACI Marina Milna
ACI Marina Milna

ACI Marina Milna is nestled in a deep bay on the western coast of Brac. The marina is surrounded by lush pine forests and olive groves, offering a tranquil setting to relax and unwind. The bay provides excellent protection from winds and waves.

Facilities and Amenities

One of the standout features of ACI Marina Milna is its modern facilities. The marina can accommodate up to 170 boats, with berths available for vessels up to 40 meters long. The berths have water and electricity connections, ensuring a comfortable stay. The marina also offers various services, including boat repairs and maintenance, a fuel station, 24-hour security, and Wi-Fi.

ACI Marina Milna also boasts a range of amenities. It has a well-equipped yacht club with a restaurant, bar, and terrace overlooking the bay. Savor local cuisine and enjoy breathtaking sunsets.

There are shower and toilet facilities, laundry service, and a grocery store on-site. The marina offers a diving center for those who love to explore the underwater world. Join an organized dive and embark on thrilling underwater adventures.


The location of ACI Marina Milna is also ideal for exploring the surrounding area.


Brac is known for its stunning beaches, including the famous Zlatni Rat or Golden Horn. This is Croatia’s most photographed beach.

Towns and Villages

The island is also dotted with lovely villages and towns, such as the charming village of Milna with its quaint stone houses and historic churches. Boaters can also easily explore nearby islands, such as Hvar, Vis, and Solta, each with unique attractions and character.


ACI Marina Milna is not only a popular destination for boaters but also for sailors and regatta enthusiasts.

Relax and Enjoy the Marina

ACI Marina Milna offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the marina facilities. You can relax by the pool, soak up the sun on the sun deck, or enjoy a refreshing drink at the marina bar while enjoying the beautiful views of the marina and the surrounding bay.


Restoran Slika

Located within ACI Marina Milna, Restoran Slika offers a delightful dining experience. It has a stunning waterfront location and panoramic bay views. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood, Mediterranean cuisine, and locally sourced ingredients.

Konoba Kopacina

In the nearby village of Milna, Konoba Kopacina is a charming family-owned restaurant serving authentic Dalmatian cuisine. The menu features various grilled types of meat, homemade pasta, and fresh seafood, all perfectly cooked using traditional Croatian culinary techniques. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with a rustic interior, and diners can also dine al fresco on the outdoor terrace.

Restaurant Bago

Located in Milna, Restaurant Bago serves fresh fish and seasonal specialties. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Restaurant OmO

Situated in Milna, Restaurant OmO is intimate and secluded. It offers a pleasant ambiance and a beautiful view of the water. Serving Dalmatian and house specials daily.

Restoran Vinotoka

Located in the town of Supetar on the nearby island of Brac, Restoran Vinotoka has a relaxed ambiance and delicious food. The restaurant’s menu features a range of Mediterranean and Croatian dishes, including grilled meats, fresh fish, and homemade pasta. They also have an extensive wine list featuring a wide selection of local and international wines that complement the flavors of the food.

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